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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I have officially moved to another site.
ask me personally for more details.
via email,msn,sms or whatsoever
so long fellow bloggers
its been a pleasure to write here
and i appreciate it for those who have been 24/7 reading my blog.
for more enquiries to ask my blog add:
*i appreciate it if you dont spread it to other people*
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She <3s them all @ 10:05 PM

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

/in a matter of time/

im temporarily back from the blogging world.
more updates on the new blog i've just created.
at this point of time its not to be revealed yet.
and not to revealed here
in a matter of time in fact
its under construction.
needs to be refurnished here and there
if in a wks time you still dont get my new link.
ask me personally.
pls understand if i am reluctant to give you my new link.
much privacy is needed

for the sake of 1 yr plus of blogging.
let this blog remain it is.

She <3s them all @ 8:10 PM


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HmS.Kpsh-clubb .Gemz.Siz Az
i feel blessed <3


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Hello blog readers!!WelcOmE!!!


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